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  • CH14-17 Belt-knitting High Speed Warping Machine
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    • CH14-17 Belt-knitting  High Speed Warping Machine
CH14/17Beam type14"×17"  14"×12"
CH14/12Beam type14"×12"

Belt-knitting microcomputer control warping machine is suitable for warping 12,17 and 21inch of beam.

The main motor is controlled by frequency conversion, the constant and reliable digital pulse close ring guarantees that the speed of winding yarn is constant.

Equipped with tail shaft used for center fixing shaft head, its flex is controlled by electric.

The main brake uses electromagnetism brake, the tension of braked yarn can be constant with roller braked at same time.

The reed and sizing plate are controlled by electric, its adjustment is convenient and quick. 

H17 Technical data for:

Ⅰ. Warper Linear Speed: 400 M/MIN

Ⅱ. Tensile strength: 150N

Ⅲ. Breaking torque: 500NM

Ⅳ. Main electromotor power: 3.7KW

Ⅴ. Leveling roller unit: 4 BAR

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